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Whether you're seeking a private group practice or a one-on-one series, together we can design an experience that's focused exclusively on your needs. 

What you get

How it works

  • A professional 1:1 relationship built on communication, trust and prioritizing your wellness goals. 

  • A customized Yoga practice including guided movement, breathing techniques and meditation.

  • A personalized teaching approach, providing support and accountability.

  • A deeper understanding of how to apply the principles of Yoga in your own body and mind.

  • More effective results through individualized attention and a personalized practice.

  • You request an initial consultation, which will schedule time for us to discuss your goals and how I can help you achieve them.

  • During our call, we'll also review your past experience and personal motivations. All of which will allow me to recommend a customized Yoga regimen.

  • After our consultation you'll receive a client welcome packet summarizing what you can expect during our sessions and other important details.

  • Once you've reviewed our plan, provided your consent to proceed and completed payment - you're all set!


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What is YOGA?

A  21st century perspective —
An image of Jade Berkeley meditating.

Over the past 30+ years, great strides have been made toward defining the intersections between psychology, physiology, traditional Yoga teachings and energy medicine. While scientists are still working on resolving the "Mind-Body Problem", there's no denying a great deal of our being is non-material and many North American medical practitioners have begun integrating alternative medicine into their prescribed care. ​

Yogic practices systemically study the relationship between matter and consciousness through experimentation and observation. They include breathwork, mindfulness and somatic movement. Through these practices we learn how to experience the subtle field of consciousness we share with all living beings. In the Yoga tradition, channeling this source of energetic intelligence and cultivating a smooth flow of its awareness is vital to our optimal health and the process of healing.

"Yoga is not an Indian philosophy or religion.

It is really about how the consciousness of all human beings works, regardless of creed or philosophy."

- Paul Dugliss, M.D.

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What is Yoga?
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